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 History of Lee Style Tai Chi  Chuan 

The Lee Style is commonly known as the Yin Yang style, as everything within it is in complete harmony and in perfect balance with each other.

Up to 1934, it had always remained a family style and was originally created by Ho-Hsieh Lee and reputed to be the oldest style in the world.

Originally Ho-Hsieh Lee and his family lived just outside Beijing and it was there that he first started his practice and devised the first eight movements.  It was in his middle fifties that he took his family and settled down in  We Hei Wei, a fishing village about 200 miles East of Beijing.  They remained in that district until 1934.

As a family they practised in a group and it was natural that the parents instructed the children.  The eldest son Chan Kam Lee moved to London in 1934 and started a small class in Red Lion Square, Holborn.  There he met a young Chinese boy named Chee Soo who became his disciple and carried on the tradition of the Lee family.

Our History

After years of study and training in Master Chee Soo's Lee Style of Tai Chi, Ken and Vera Pearce founded the K.V.Tai Chi Club in 1990 and were joined by their daughter Gillian, making this a family concern.  They have since spent many years teaching and carrying on the tradition of the Lee Style of Tai Chi.

Further Chi Kung training under Sifu Anthony Wee

whose system is Chi Dynamics and Meditation qualified them as Senior Instructors.  Gillian went on to achieve a 10 year discipleship in Wei Mei Kung Fu.  This knowledge is to promote the health and wellbeing using Chi energy and meditation.

Over the years many people have benefited from these combined practices to improve their health and peace of mind.

Act now and invest in your future health!

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